Endwell Greens Golf Club Turned As Spot To Celebrate Easter

People near our area stopped at many eating establishments to spend some time with family and chow down this on Sunday the Easter day.

Talk about the Brunch at Endwell Greens Golf Club, then it went all well into the afternoon, and the leaders there say it was a massive success.

Surprisingly, all three of the serving times at the golf club sold out before Easter day. But, the diners were there still, those who didn’t get anything munched on waffles. Others got chicken, omelets and many more stuffs.

For the success of this event, the special events director Maria Wheeler, forward all credit to the new owners of the Golf Club, he said, all credit goes to new owner for making their first Easter Brunch such a success.

She said, “On the day of the event they have done all the right things. In comparing to the past, they have done many improvements this year and even circulated the news about the same. People were aware of that as the words were out. So, I believe people are enjoying that, and appreciate our efforts. People brought the place back to life”.

According to Wheeler, Golf Club wanted to take part in the national Easter tradition at the time when they initiated the planning of the event.

She explained “I believe lots of people look at Easter, you know, they love doing activities like going to church and then having a nice dinner outside with family or friend, getting together with family. We understand this, and utilize the opportunity to do the business. We offered a place to go that’s all,” Wheeler explained.

The Endwell Greens Golf Club has plans to make Easter Brunch a yearly tradition and it is also planning to host Mother’s Day brunch later in the year.