The LPGA Tour’s action on Lexi Thompson is leaving the other players confused on the next line of action.

Some say the Tour would amend the rules book to reflect the developments and forestall future occurrence, the rest are frustrated and angered.

The Lexi Thompson saga leaves even top players frustrated following the ANA Inspiration where she lost due to rules infraction reported by a television viewer.

Cristie Kerr, also angered, said: “Everyone’s pissed off, not just players. Random golfers I see are coming up and saying, ‘Can you believe what happened? It’s an outrage.’ People aren’t happy.”

Brittany Lincicome said she was frustrated as many other golfers on the Tour.

“I have a ton of concerns, and I feel like it’s just being swept under the rug. It feels like there’s nothing being done, and It’s just ‘Hey that’s the way the rule is, and this is how it’s going to continue to be,” she added. (more…)

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