Wahlberg’s Way Of Playing Golf

Playing golf with others requires a certain camaraderie that might not exist even if two people are good friends off the course.

That is because there are different dynamics that come into play in golf and if the equation does not work out well, it can hinder one’s performance or enjoyment of the game while playing with another.

Often the reasons are unflattering, such as when one finds the other too chatty or tending to cheat or playing too slow. However, when the two actors, Josh Duhamel and Mark Wahlberg got together to play golf, the reasons of their incompatibility were humorous. When Josh pointed out the real reason he was avoiding playing golf with Mark it was a way of complimenting him. Many of their fans would surely want to see these two powerhouse actors get together and that is what they did when they were shooting for Transformers.

As Josh states, when they started to work in the movie, he was planning to play golf with Mark and was excited by the prospect. However, he soon found that Mark got up way too early and he is accustomed to playing power rounds. Hence, he runs from one shot position to the next as it is his way of doing cardio. This is the beginning of the day for him and then he works through the day.

This is Wahlberg’s idea of playing golf, it is difficult for others to keep up pace with him. It is known that he can play eighteen holes in about an hour and caddies are left chasing after him in their driving carts. This is news that will surely impress his fans and who knows, it might become a trend of how golf is played as a more physically exerting sport in the coming years.